A safe, inclusive and accepting learning environment is essential for student achievement and well-being. Committed leadership and ongoing collaboration at all levels – individual, classroom, school, board, community – as part of a whole school approach is a key factor for success.

expert teachers

Sharing knowledge

In the first phase of the Leading Safe and Accepting Schools project, Institute for Education Leadership representatives launched this Safe and Accepting Schools’ website for use by Safe Schools’ teams, educators and leaders across the province. We will continue to build our collective understanding of actions and strategies known to drive a positive school climate and sustain change.

Sharing experiences

Gathering experiences from leaders across all levels to learn more about what is working, what the challenges are to implementing safe and accepting schools and what leaders need to build capacity will be an important first step. It is talented educators like you who develop and adapt learning materials of all kinds to support a safe and accepting healthy learning environment for all.

Share a resource – Use a resource

This website is designed to help collect, sort and distribute resources on the web. You will find information to increase awareness about Safe and Accepting Schools’ issues and to support school and board initiatives. We encourage you to share your resources as well. We will categorize resources providing examples of promising practices, along with evidence-based and evidence-informed materials that you may wish to use as part of your local plan.

We hope you will join in this opportunity to learn together. Borrow, share, and even join the discussion on Twitter. Together we will help to ensure that all of our schools are Safe, Accepting and Inclusive!