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The Personal Leadership Resources (PLRs) distil evidence about leadership traits and dispositions most likely to influence the effectiveness with which leadership practices are enacted.

These resources have been organized into five categories:

Publication # 7: Exploring the “Social” Personal Leadership Resources: Perceiving Emotions, Managing Emotions & Acting in Emotionally Appropriate Ways

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Publication # 8: Exploring the Psychological Personal Leadership Resources: Optimism, Self-Efficacy, Resilience & Proactivity

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Publication # 9: Exploring the “Cognitive” Personal Leadership Resources: Problem-Solving Expertise, Role-Specific Knowledge & Systems Thinking

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Using PLRs in Practice

The Ontario Leadership Framework describes the characteristics of effective leaders such as optimism, emotional intelligence and problem solving abilities, which the research indicates create the variation among leaders in how well they are able to enact leadership practices. School leader and system leader practices are enacted most effectively using these Personal Leadership Resources.

Although in some instances the resources explore the cognitive and social personal resources and in other instances the psychological personal leadership resources, it is important to keep in mind that in practice leaders draw on the PLRs as a whole, interactively. Leaders are not systems thinkers one moment, resilient people the next and successful relationship builders in another. In fact, leaders are all of those things, all of the time and most situations require that leaders draw on all the PLRs concurrently.”

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